Chiapas high school renews agreement with University of Costa Rica

jueves 2 de junio, 2016 a las 16:15/en San Cristóbal/por emontes

San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chis, Mexico, Jun. 1 (Notimex).- The Chiapas high school of Bachelors (Cobach, for its acronym in Spanish) signed the renewal of the agreement with the Agricultural School of the Humid Tropical Region (Earth University) of Costa Rica.

The objective, said the general director of Cobach, Jorge Enrique Hernández Bielma, is to strengthen the academic exchange relations that tend to boost and develop the teaching, research, diffusions and culture extension functions.

In a statement, he said that this agreement allows the ingress of students from Chiapas in the prestigious University of Costa Rica, which creates and shapes young agricultural professionals from different countries.

In turn, the admission director of the Earth University, Junior Acosta Peña, pointed out that the Cobach is an institution that stands out for its professional work and commitment in the formation of great young talent.

Currently, he stressed, 11 students from Chiapas study in Earth University, of which nine are graduated from the Cobach and keep a constant relation with the agricultural school of Costa Rica, through linking direction of the School.



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