Chiapas economically supports aquatic and fishing sectors with fry

jueves 2 de junio, 2016 a las 13:21/en Chiapas/por emontes

Mezcalpa, Chis., Mexico, May 16 (Notimex).- In order to boost the economy on the aquatic and fishing sector by the improvement of procreation, the dam of Mezcalpa was repopulated with more than two thousand fry, informed Manuel Narcía Coutiño.

The head of the Fishing and Agriculture Ministry (Sepesca, for its acronym in Spanish) explained that the delivery of fry in different of places of the state is being carried out by a joint work with the local government.

On the encounter with fishermen and representatives of Ostuacán, Mezcalapa and Tecpatán, he stressed that they are working directly with the fishermen so the support reaches the beneficiary.

"I am pleased to see the unity the fishermen and farmers have on the area, because only with unity the benefits will be seen on their family economy”, stated the official.

He assured that he will perform the required management before the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fishing in order to benefit fishermen and farmers with more programs.


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